They just don't sew them like this anymore....

I am interrupting my project because I ran across these in my photo files today and they made me *gasp* all over again.

A few years ago, when I started at our ballet school, we did a major reorganization of the costume room. We went through each box, tossed some things beyond saving, ooh'd and aww'd (and EWWWW'D) over some of the things we found.....and then we found this:

I was speechless (not a normal state of being for me!) This is one of those costumes that makes your imagination just go insane. WHO wore it? WHY? WHEN?!? It's very clearly VERY old.

The HOURS of hand sewing that must have gone into this costume are staggering. This criss-cross of sequins goes all the way around the skirt. The bodice is covered in sequin trim, placed to flatter a very small dancer.

It even covers the panty!

I don't know a LOT about this costume. I was told that it was part of an auction, and that it was designed by one of the big movie costumers.

The dress form I had this on is a little girl size 6, so I will have to get a picture of this one on a body for you all. It's really just too beautiful to be believed. Eventually, I would love to take a pattern from this piece and recreate it so it can be used again. This one is just too fragile.

I would love to see your show and tells! What have you seen that left you saying "WOW"?


KarenSue said...

that is a 'wow'...very pretty!

Francine said...

That is just stunning. Don't you just love work like that? That transcends crafting and goes right into art.

My aunt makes Dutch traditional clothing, by hand. It's extremely labor intensive - everything is sewn and embroidered by hand. The result is just beautiful. left me going 'wow'. Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Wow... that is just sooooooo amazing!! My Abuela could'nt even sew that!!